The Zoo

The first zoo in India, which was started during the year. Factors are like air and sound pollution, insufficient place for accommodating the animals.Highly dense human population around the corporation, zoo became a health hazard to animals of the zoo.
Hence it was decided to shift the zoo from Moor market area to Vandalur Reserve Forest in the out-skirts of Chennai city and work for the establishment of the zoo was started in. Arignar Anna Zoological Park is one of the biggest zoos in South East Asia.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is one of the modern and scientifically managed zoos of the Country with full time staff apart from petty contract workers. The Zoological Park is the pride of the State and has attained excellence in the Captive Breeding Programme for endangered species and in the field of zoo education and creating awareness about the conservation of natural resources.

The zoo have several departments/sections namely Administration, Research, Education and Awareness, Veterinary, Animal welfare, Commissary (Store), Transport, Research, Education and Awareness, Veterinary, Horticulture, Security and Sanitation. The zoo has a well equipped zoo kitchen.

A zoo school was opened in the year for the teachers, students and general public where regular zoo education and conservation programmes are conducted. The zoo has adequate number of Battery Operated vehicles to transport visitors to the animal exhibits through the network of internal roads. Several service roads have been laid for serving the animal enclosures.The zoo also have hospital and quarantine facility.



  1. Asiatic Wild Ass
  2. Savanna Baboon
  3. European Brown Bear
  4. Himalayan Black Bear
  5. Sloth Bear
  6. Binturong or Bear Cat
  7. Blackbuck
  8. Indian Wild Boar
  9. Brown Capuchin
  10. Common Palm civet Cat or Toddy Cat
  11. Chimpanzee
  12. Hog Deer
  13. Spotted Deer or Chital
  14. Dhole or Indian Wild Dog


  1. Cockatiel
  2. White-crested Cockatoo
  3. Little Cormorant
  4. Demoiselle Crane
  5. Sarus Crane
  6. Darter or Snake-bird
  7. Cattle Egret
  8. Little Egret
  9. Grey Heron
  10. Night Heron Pond Heron
  11. White Ibis
  12. Macaw
  13. Grey partridge
  14. Indian Peacock


  1. Indian Cobra
  2. King Cobra
  3. Estuarine or Salt Water Crocodile
  4. Mugger or Marsh Crocodile
  5. Gharial
  6. Checkered Keelback
  7. Common Indian Krait
  8. Common Monitor Lizard
  9. Indian Rock Python
  10. Reticulated Python Common Rat Snake
  11. Starred Tortoise
  12. Russell's Viper
  13. Saw-scaled Viper

Zoo Timings

Timings:Open 9 am to 5.30 pm
Child: Free (Below 5 yrs),
Child: Rs 10 (5 to 12 yrs),
Adults: Rs 15,
Still camera: Rs 25,
Video camera: Rs 150,
Car Parking: Rs 15

Zoo Address

Phone No: 044 2275 1089