Voter ID

About Voter ID

Voter id is provided by the Govt of India through state govt. Indian citizens are eligible to vote in election period through voter id. Indian citizens can cast vote after 18 years. Age will be calculated as on 1st Jan of the year.

Applying New Voter ID

New voter Id for the first time can be applied through Form 6 in online.
You have to fill the requested details in the form and submit. Particulars which you are providing in the form will be printed in the Voter id. Please be careful and make sure the details when filling up the form to avoid any mistakes.

Applying Correction in Voter ID

Corrections of any entry in Electoral Roll/Voter ID Card such as mistakes in spelling of name, age or any other particular can be done using Form 6Form 8 and Form 8A
  1. This page will ask you to enter the voter id no. Enter the Id and click on submit.
  2. Change your particluars correctly. Need to fill the same in tamil virtual keyboard
  3. Give your mail-id and other details then click on submit.
  4. You will be receiving a conformation email, Find the confirmation message in your mail inbox and click on conformation link.
Form 8 : Applying for corrections of any entry in Electoral Roll/Voter ID Card such as mistakes in spelling of name, age or any other particular.

Form 8A : Applying for change of Address within the same Assembly Constituency that is the applicant is already a voter and has shifted his residence within the same Assembly Constituency.

Form 6 : Applying for change of address to another Assembly Constituency within Tamil Nadu or from any other place in the country.

For more details please use the following link

Voter ID status

People who wants to know the status of VoterID, Kindly visit the website of your state election commission office[ Click here to access the TN state website]. This Page will contains three options such that Form 6,Form 7, Form 8,Form 8A and one input box where we have to give the Voter id number. Once you have filled the details click on the search button.
Once you have clicked on the search button with all the details the page will dispaly the status of the Voter id. If there is a mistake in your details you can change your details through Form 6, Form 8, or Form 8A.